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Key Focus Areas

We support our clients with project management expertise. Our people have a reputation for delivering bespoke and personalised solutions.

• Project controls – risk, schedule and cost management
• Program Management Office design and project governance
• Project health check and assurance
• Stakeholder engagement and management
• Leadership and strategic direction
• Business systems and process improvement
• Project procurement and commercial management
• Business systems and process improvement
Our Services

Key Sectors



Rail, Road, Airports, and Ports.

Built form.

Commercial, Retail, Health, and Industrial.


Mining, Water, and Energy.

Five Key Stages

MBB Group support clients to develop and implement strategies

MBB Group offers project management services across all phases of a projects lifecycle. We support our clients with project management expertise and our people have a reputation for delivering.

MBB Group Stage 1


MBB Group Stage 3

MBB Group Stage 4

MBB Group Stage 5


1. Project Strategy & Definition

MBB supports clients to develop and implement strategies for the delivery of infrastructure projects. We assist with the identification of program and project objectives and identify, analyse and document options to support project outcomes.

Our technical expertise and outcomes focus allows the thorough assessment of project options and ensures the most effective solutions are adopted.


2. Project Development

MBB Group has a track record for successfully developing business cases into projects ready to be taken to market. We understand the need to define scope, risk, cost, schedule, quality and resource management strategies at an early stage in the project development cycle to support clients in achieving timely project approvals and a product that matches the markets risk appetite.

Complex infrastructure projects create significant change. Understanding these changes and how they affect stakeholders is a critical step in the project development process. We support our clients to engage with stakeholders and understand how to build benefits and mitigate impacts.


3. Procurement

Project procurement aims to ensure the best value for money outcome and the highest level of scrutiny. MBB Group has successfully led procurement processes on major projects. We support our clients to procure the most effective private sector delivery partner and support the client with the right tools to manage a successful procurement.

MBB Group has also supported bidding consortiums in the development of bid submissions and tenders.


4. Project Delivery

Successful delivery of major projects can involve complex delivery and contractual issues.

MBB Group supports our clients to manage projects, administer contracts and pro-actively resolve issues and risk, to ensure projects stay on track and within budget.


5. Project Handover & Operation

MBB Group is experienced in working with asset owners and operators to ensure a seamless transition between project delivery and operation. A key feature is ensuring that asset owners and operators are familiar with the way in which projects operate, including the maintenance requirements.

Major projects are, of course, significant investments. MBB Group leads post project reviews and works with stakeholders to understand how effective projects have been at achieving their original objectives.

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