Celebrating International Women’s Day

Mar 18 , 2024

At MBB Group we acknowledged and celebrated International Women’s Day considering this year’s theme of “Let’s inspire inclusion”.

We held a discussion to hear from our female Executive Director Katrina Street and heard about her career story and perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. Kat shared that she’d had key people support her throughout her career and was fortunate to have a great mentor.

Kat confirmed that we are focused on building on our Diversity & Inclusion plan. At MBB Group 48% of our new recruits this year to date are women, we have confirmed pay parity across our role levels and we have gender neutralised our paid parental leave policy to support our people more broadly.

Matt Brook our Managing Director attended today’s session and noted:

“At MBB we are focused on ensuring that we create and foster a positive culture and develop the best possible platform to support a diverse workforce. Increasing diversity across all aspects of our business encourages creativity and innovation, whilst providing significant learning opportunities for our team.”

A key call out from our team on IWD day is that sometimes it is hard to be “what you cannot see” and we want to challenge that and build on our Diversity and Inclusion journey and continue to support our people to grow their careers. We want to continue to be a business where everyone can bring their authentic selves, feel they belong and contribute to our team and our business.