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Marinus Link (TAS)

Creating a vital link in Australia’s renewable energy network

Project Marinus will create a second, crucial link between Tasmania and Victoria’s renewable energy generation and storage resources, forming a key part of Australia’s future electricity grid.

TasNetworks, on behalf of the States of Tasmania and Victoria and the Commonwealth Government, is delivering this electricity transmission interconnection in two separate but interdependent scopes of work.

The first (Marinus Link), is a 1,500 MW transmission High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) subsea and underground interconnector, to be built in two 750 MW stages.

The second (Remaining North West Transmission Developments (RNWTD)), is the supporting High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) Tasmanian transmission network upgrades required to support Marinus Link.

Our role

MBB has been engaged to provide strategic and commercial reviews of the procurement approach for major works packages for the Marinus Link.

MBB was initially engaged in July 2022 to provide an independent peer review of the procurement strategy, the transaction readiness of the project, and suggest input into the tender documentation development. Our focus was to assist the project team with their market approach and check that documentation dovetailed with the regulatory environment, lowering Marinus Link’s exposure to risk.

In 2023, following the release of two of the main works procurement package RFPs to market, Marinus Link reengaged MBB to provide commercial advisory support.

In part prompted by feedback from RfP participants, Marinus Link requested MBB undertake an independent reactive review of the project packaging approach. This reactive packaging review is currently underway.

Our services

  • Procurement & Packaging Strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Regulatory Advisory
  • Market Engagement
  • Transaction Readiness
  • Risk Management
  • Commercial Advisory
  • Transaction Management
  • Interface Management

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Strategy, Commercial, Transaction Management

Form of Contract

Various: D&C, EPC & MC

Project Dates

December 2021 - Ongoing