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Renewable Energy Zones

The Renewable Energy Zone, or REZ, is tomorrow’s power station.

Like traditional power stations, an REZ will generate power, local jobs and energy security. The only difference is, instead of mining for coal or gas, the REZ will generate energy from renewable sources such as wind, sunlight and water. And generate it at scale.

REZs are those places identified as having the most potential for the generation of sustainable energy. This includes energy sources such as wind, sunlight, hydro, tidal movement and geothermal.

Like traditional power stations, these require massive amounts of infrastructure, including power generation, storage, transmission and maintenance.

Like traditional power stations, the electricity generated from these new, sustainable energy stations will be fed into the existing grid for use by millions of Australians.

The establishment of an REZ is dictated by the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020. This sets out the intended network capacity (size), geographical area (location) and infrastructure that will make up a REZ.

How MBB is helping

MBB Group is providing project planning, strategy, commercial and funding advice, interface and stakeholder management and project management expertise to Government and investors to establish REZs across Australia.

MBB is also providing advice and guidance to help operators and communities deal with new legislation, regulations, environmental considerations, planning requirements, complex stakeholder management, the identification and acquisition of new sites and the need to interface with the existing transmission network.

Leveraging specialist skills and capabilities proven across a range of industries, MBB is providing new energy operators with:

  • Market sounding
  • Interface Management
  • Project deed development
  • Regulatory and REZ Generation
  • Environmental Planning
  • Procurement Strategy Advisory
  • Commercial, Transaction and Finance capability
  • Commercial workstream Advisory
  • Registration of Interest (ROI) process
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) process
  • Project Controls
  • Supporting governance
  • Technical expertise
  • Land and Property