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Toll Collection Capability (VIC)

Ensuring toll collection provided value-for-money

The State Tolling Corporation (STC) was established as a key part of the overall North East Link (NEL) Project delivery strategy. The corporation was established as a commercial entity to manage the NEL road and utilise the value of the future toll revenue stream to satisfy the significant funding task for the project.

A key part of this role is the collection of tolls. The STC has the power, under the North East Link Act 2020, to fix, collect and enforce tolls and administration fees on the North East Link (NEL) tollway. Part of that responsibility was the establishment of a Toll Collection Capability (TCC) that effectively and efficiently collects NEL toll revenue.

The STC will play a critical role during project delivery (along with a NEL Project team established within the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA)) in ensuring value-for-money outcomes are delivered for the State.

Our role

MBB Group was engaged as the transaction advisor to manage the transaction of the TCC Contractors. This included the development of a procurement strategy for the client. We created contract and packaging options using market feedback and knowledge of the scope of works. Further to this, we engaged government, advisors, and third-party stakeholders via structured analysis workshops to ascertain the packaging model that best achieves the STC’s project objectives.

We also advised the STC on the procurement process to ensure it remains consistent with the project’s governance framework, complies with the Ministerial Directions and Instructions for Public Construction Procurement and achieves the STC’s delivery timeframes.

Transactional advice and support are also required to plan, manage, and execute the procurement of:

  • Tolling Road-Side Infrastructure and Systems
  • Network Communication Systems
  • Back-Office Systems
  • Maintenance and Operating Systems and Support
  • Independent Verifier.


  • Procurement Strategy
  • Market Interactive Processes
  • Transaction Leadership
  • Transaction Readiness
  • Transaction Management
  • Stakeholder Management

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January 2013 – Ongoing