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Sydney Metro has engaged Mott MacDonald as an Engineering Design and Assurance Partner to provide a range of technical services for a number of key projects. The services are required for the smooth delivery of the project and include design, engineering, assurance, management, coordination, development of technical requirements, technical services, and documentation.

To deliver the services, Mott MacDonald and Sydney Metro have formed a partnership, Engineering Design Solutions (EDS). EDS will provide ongoing technical support to Sydney Metro throughout the procurement, construction, testing, commissioning and verification and validation phases.

The challenge

There are over 1500 people at EDS. Given the nature of the partnership, and the different backgrounds and experiences of the people in the partnership. the internal processes and controls are immature. This poses a risk to the successful delivery of the various aspects of the phases, especially with multiple external stakeholders and interfaces.

Our role

MBB Group (MBB) has been engaged to provide project management delivery resources to support EDS. The team work collaboratively and closely with EDS and key Sydney Metro stakeholders to deliver the various Metro projects.

By providing experience and specialist knowledge in the delivery of major projects, MBB team members understand the need for workable, robust and scalable systems.

MBB staff have also assisted in the development of business processes and practices to ensure we deliver to EDS, and EDS is able to deliver its objectives to Sydney Metro.

Our services

  • Technical Writer
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Assistant Design/Project Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Contract Administrator
  • Design Manager

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April 2021 – ongoing