Sydney Metro – Bradfield City Interface Agreements (NSW)

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Sydney Metro – Bradfield City Interface Agreements (NSW)

The Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport Line will service the new city of Bradfield being developed by the Western Parkland City Authority. The metro station will be a central feature of the new city allowing for direct access to the Central Park at the heart of the development. The Metro station will be delivered by Sydney Metro through two contracts, one for the excavation and the other for the station, trains and systems construction. Design and construction will be concurrent with the Bradfield City design and construction program. The Interface agreements will be critical to ensure that the city and Metro both function as required and result in an integrated, functional solution.

Scope Items for the project include:

  • Advice in the development of the Metro WPCA B3 interface agreement (SSTOM)
  • Coordination with Metro for B1/B2 interface agreement (SBT).

Our role

MBB Group were engaged to work on the interface between WPCA and Sydney Metro for the development of the metro station within the Bradfield City. This involves managing the B1/B2 agreement (executed at time of engagement) and negotiating the B3 agreement with Sydney Metro to ensure that the two projects, Bradfield City and metro station, integrate to provide beneficial outcomes for the Bradfield City. MBB Group have also been working with the WPCA program team to implement MS Project scheduling of the master program and interface between the child programs.

Our services

  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Interface Agreements
  • Program Management
  • Budget Management
  • Reporting

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Western Parkland City Authority

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Project Dates

January 2021 – November 2023