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Walsh Bay (NSW)

Giving Sydney a world-class base for the arts

The refurbishment of Walsh Bay Arts and Cultural Precinct will be a vibrant hub for performing arts that will enhance Sydney’s reputation as a global cultural capital.

The redevelopment will double the arts and cultural offering at Walsh Bay, including the adaptive re-use of Pier 2/3. This redevelopment will provide new arts facilities including theatre, performance spaces, rehearsal rooms and provide a space for a range of artistic and heritage events including the Sydney Writer’s Festival and the Biennale of Sydney.

This will provide the resident companies with a world class base from which they can increase engagement with communities in Sydney and across New South Wales.

Our role

MBB provided a number of key services for the project including:

  • Supplying in-house project managers for delivery of the initial planning phase and SSDA process
  • Managing the procurement of consultants and services, centralised communications and support in operational and planning working groups
  • Guiding the client to ensure timely completion of the EIS, SEARs lodgement and the SSDA process
  • Implementing program monitoring and governance structures across planning, budget, risk and environmental impacts
  • Managing and coordinating consultant inputs
  • Conducting reviews of contractual and legal information
  • Providing interpretation of infrastructure and major project milestones and definitions
  • Providing recommendations for actions and implementation of project activities.

MBB also successfully provided resolution to previous SSDA submissions and drove value through procurement and contract management of consultants with a cost saving of $750k, halving the planning budget. MBB Coordinated the management of end-to-end procurement tasks including architectural and construction tenders, contracting and contract management (both GC21 and MW21).

Our services

  • Scope and change management
  • Risk management
  • Program creation and management
  • Budget management, review and forecasting
  • Project governance and reporting
  • Construction management and GC21/MW21 contract administration
  • Management of SEARs lodgement and SSDA process
  • EIS development and lodgement
  • GC21/MW21 tender and negotiation
  • Design and development (D&D) management
  • Stakeholder management and consultation

Project Overview


Create Infrastucture, Create NSW

Project Value


Project Type

GC21 and MW21

Project Dates

July 2017 – February 2019