The Acceleration of Australia’s Energy Transition

Dec 19 , 2023

Navigating this ‘Brave New World’ with MBB Group

MBB Group was established in 2014 as an Australian consultancy firm who specialise in large-scale infrastructure projects. As part of our work, we have shifted in recent years to include a greater focus on the energy sector in response to Australia’s transition to renewable energy. Helping clients navigate the challenges that come with this fast-emerging and fast-evolving sector, is a high priority for MBB Group.

Our commitment to enabling Australia’s energy transformation

Energy projects in Australia are currently occurring at a magnitude that far eclipses those of years past, with multiple mega-projects happening concurrently, resulting in capacity and capability issues.

We are also mindful of the need to transition to renewable energy, which is being prompted by several factors from around the world. Ambitious global, federal and state government targets for energy efficiency are all driving the transition to cleaner energy, and the industry push to net zero is another contributing factor.

Energy transition is an evolving field which requires a carefully considered and agile response to ensure a sustainable industry capability and maturity journey.

MBB works closely with the government, infrastructure planners, the construction industry, developers, private investors, generators and regulators to facilitate efficient energy transition. Our collaborative approach ensures the successful strategy, readiness planning and capability, development, delivery and operation of large-scale projects. These projects include, but are not limited to, Renewable Energy Zones (REZs), major transmission infrastructure and interconnectors, and renewable generator development.

Consultancy expertise and specialisation is vital to a project’s success

Australia’s energy sector is constantly evolving, which is increasing the speed, scale and complexity of energy transformation projects. The consistent emergence of the industry can create challenges that can be the difference between success and failure of a project if they are not properly managed and resolved.

Success in the industry looks like: 

  • Robust governance for project readiness, planning, development connections and regulation to facilitate effective delivery and to bring additional network capacity online
  • Social licence through proactive, clear and consistent stakeholder and community engagement, and management that demonstrates openness and honesty about the required infrastructure and deliverables
  • Understanding the existing infrastructure development and delivery environment and creating the one needed to satisfy government, regulator and stakeholder imperatives and provide certainty to the supply chain
  • Creating a commercial environment that enables private finance and investment, and ensures risk is clearly understood
  • Understanding the cumulative impacts of infrastructure to enable safe, sustainable and economic project execution that clearly benefits consumers
  • Drawing on local and international insights, practices and lessons to inform the maturity, capability and approach of the renewable energy transition industry
  • Executing strategic site selection and rigorous feasibility for infrastructure.

MBB works closely with the public and private sectors to achieve these outcomes and overcome other challenges, including:

  • REZ readiness and development
  • Organisational development and capability
  • Legacy regulations and compliance
  • Social licence and community impacts
  • Market and supply chain constraints and industry development
  • Complex commercial, procurement and transaction pathways and optimal risk allocation
  • Complex program and project governance, development and delivery
  • Capital return and risk mitigation for investors

The value of partnering with MBB Group

MBB have been involved in energy transition projects in Australia since the very beginning. Over the years, we have gained unique insights and knowledge which are critical for successfully operating in this sector. We have worked on numerous large-scale projects which have provided us with unparalleled capability and expertise in this field.

We support clients across their project’s entire lifecycle, managing risks, seizing opportunities and solving challenges that arise along the way.

Our energy transition services include:


MBB’s strategy initiatives help clients produce clear pathways to achieve the goals of their project. Our team has extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients, in both the public and private sectors. Our strategy services involve thorough investigation, analysis and engagement with the project to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities.


Using a collaborative approach, our experienced team of consultants and project managers are able to support clients throughout the development of their project. We draw upon our numerous years of technical, financial and commercial experience to fully understand the subject matter of your project and develop an appropriate response.


MBB’s team of technical advisors facilitate strong partnerships through a tailored approach to each project. Our industry professionals use their expertise to plan and implement projects efficiently and develop intelligent solutions to ensure the deliverables of the project are met.


Once a project is operational, MBB proactively manages its assets to ensure clients receive the most out of their investment. We implement strategies for maintenance, refinement and improvement to ensure the smooth operation of the project, and to fulfil the benefits outlined during the development phase.

Helping energy sector clients achieve success

During the course of our work, we have partnered with governments, transmission network service providers (TNSPs) and other regulatory agencies. We have provided strategic, commercial, transaction, technical and project development/management services on over 30 major projects across the energy sector. A selection of the recent key projects we have worked on include:

EnergyCo NSW – New England Renewable Energy Zone (REZ)
Project value: TBC
EnergyCo NSW has engaged MBB to apply its experience in mega infrastructure projects to manage the New England REZ project through its readiness and development stage. Our team is providing project readiness, development and commercial services to the project, coordinating the project work streams across the program, managing strategic development of the project and the commercial, technical, generation interfaces with regulatory and assurance bodies for the project.

VicGrid Renewable Energy Transition Portfolio
Project value: AU$3b+
VicGrid has engaged MBB to provide portfolio and project management, commercial and transaction advisory services across its project portfolio including the Western Renewables Link, Marinus Link and VNI West projects respectively.  Our team have leveraged their experience working on similar large-scale energy and linear infrastructure projects to support the establishment of the portfolio function and project teams and management capability, lead the commercial function and project-specific commercial negotiation processes, lead the technical, commercial and corporate project due diligence reviews and support governance and approvals processes across the portfolio. The aim of this project was to ensure a response for the state of Victoria that addresses the need to move away from coal-fired generation to more sustainable sources of energy.

AEMO – Victoria to NSW Interconnector West
Project value: AU$3.3b
MBB provided strategic, commercial and transaction services to AEMO for VNI West and has since moved into the delivery of the development phase after having successfully procured advisory consultant support for AEMO and the project team.

TasNetworks – Marinus Link
Project value: AU$3.5b
The Marinus Link project engaged MBB to assist with the commercial strategy and transaction. We provided independent input into the strategy as part of the peer review process, and will be reviewing this strategy as the project progresses through the transaction phase.

TasNetworks – Remaining North West Transmission Developments
Project value: AU$1b
TasNetworks engaged MBB to develop a procurement and commercial strategy for the North West Transmission Developments in Tasmania, excluding Staverton to Hampshire Hills. We then engaged with potential market participants when developing the strategy to ensure their considerations could be implemented in the project, and then designed and delivered the transaction process.

Oceanex Energy – Offshore Wind Supply Chain Report
Project value: AU$20b
Oceanex engaged MBB to facilitate a study to evaluate the possibility of Australia being one of the first nations in the world to develop floating foundations for wind turbines. As part of the project, we carried out a desktop study and analysed a cross section of the global market.

Our team

MBB Group is made up of an experienced team of advisory, project management, technical management and commercial management professionals. Our team have worked across multiple sectors, including on major transport, energy and social infrastructure projects.

To discover more about how MBB can assist you through your energy transition project, please contact one of our team members:

Katrina Street
Executive Director

Peter Jones
Executive Director

Rob Fields
Executive Director – Integrated Delivery Services
Australia / Asia / Pacific